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Super SERVMART is a NAVSUP Fleet Logistic Center (FLC) Norfolk project that provides services through a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) program. The services are provided from a 50,000 sq. ft. facility on the Norfolk Naval Station. Management Consulting Incorporated (MANCON) and Virginia Industries for the Blind provide project management, retail store operations, and e-commerce functions for Super SERVMART.

Mobile Mart, nicknamed “Big Blue“, is the new mobile SERVMART Store offered through Super SERVMART. It is simply a 40ft. trailer filled with just around 200 line items for your shopping needs. It’s a mini-SERVMART supply store on wheels parked at your front door step. Big Blue is used to promote JWOD products and then tailor the products to meet each customer’s requirements. Mobile Mart is in full swing operating Monday through Friday, except for holidays. To arrange a visit of the Mobile Mart Store to your command please contact the Super SERVMART Store Manager at: (757) 451-4956, Mobile Mart Manager at (757) 544-2243 or Material Expediter at(757) 451-5249. During the course of scheduled visits by the Mobile Mart, should a customer require purchases in excess of their single purchase threshold, the customer will need to fax a completed DD-1149 to the NAVSUP Fleet Logistic Center (FLC) Norfolk purchasing agent at the Super SERVMART, fax number (757) 451-4957. Once the NAVSUP Fleet Logistic Center (FLC) Norfolk purchasing agent has placed the delivery order, Super SERVMART will deliver the products back to your command at no additional cost.

Catalog and Pricing


Over 7,000 items are available in the store with thousands of additional items available through special order from the vendor’s catalogs.

Customer Service

  • Super SERVMART Customer Service Desk (757) 451-8030.
  • Special Order/Customer Service Area (757451-8019.
  • Thousands of non-stock items available for next day delivery.
  • Delicated Special Order Expediter (757451-5249.
  • Delivery Service (No minimum order).
  • Cross docking and next day delivery service provided.
  • Delivery Service (No minimum order).