Wounded, Ill, and Injured Senior Oversight Committee (WII)

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Through competition, MANCON’s contract was awarded in response to a series of presidential commissions and departmental reports chartered to address issues surrounding the continuum of care for service members. The Offices of the Secretary of Defense and Veterans Affairs established and chaired the Wounded, Ill and Injured Senior Oversight Committee (SOC) along with the Department of Health of Human Services and the Department of Labor. The SOC was established as a means to bring Department high-level attention to addressing the recommendations and issues associated with the care and services for returning service members.

To conduct its work, the Senior Oversight Committee has established workgroups titled Lines of Action (LOAs) that focus on specific areas including case management, disability evaluation systems, TBI and psychological health including PTSD, compensation/benefits, and data sharing between DoD and VA. Each Line of Action, is chaired by, and includes co-representation from DoD and VA. The Lines of Action report their efforts and recommendations to the Overarching Integrated Product Team (OIPT) and the Senior Oversight Committee, which approve and direct appropriate components of DoD and VA to accomplish the mission.

MANCON provides professional services in support of the Offices of the DoD/VA, the Senior Oversight Committee Executive office, Lines of Action, and military departments as it concerns wounded warrior programs, projects and initiatives. The work may include, but not be limited to the following areas:

  • Disability Evaluation System (DES)
  • Strategic, Administrative, Operational and IT Support
  • Case Management
  • DoD/VA Data Sharing (IM/IT)
  • Recruitment and Retention of Medical Health Professionals
  • Acquisition strategies/contract management
  • Legislative analysis, public affairs and strategic communications
  • Compensation, benefits, family support